Getting my wig on

I’ve seen a lot about wigs lately. On my Instagram, Pinterest and on My first thoughts were that they were a little dated… I mean my grandmother (who was a classy and chic lady don’t get me wrong) had them. Wigs for me kind of had a stigma, unfortunately. But seeing so many mega stylish people don them gave me courage. Maybe they aren’t that bad! Maybe they could be a fun, easy way of changing your style without the fuss and headache heading to the salon for a major overhaul can bring. I love getting my hair done, which as a hairstylist doesn’t happen as often as I wish. It can be refreshing and definitely some much needed pampening. But doing a major change can result in damage, not only to your hair but to your bank account. I love love love change. It gives me life. I like not being bound to a particular look. I love mixing it up, whether it’s with my hair, makeup or clothes.

So after realizing that a wig might not be as bad as I once thought I went about researching different wigs, websites, styles and types. I’m absolutely not the final word on wigs and not an expert but I will say that I’ve learned a few things. Wigs come in all styles, lengths and prices. Most seem to have ways to adjust them to you. A lot of them you can do your own thermal styling to. And almost all of them seem so fun! Some of the websites I’ve found are and

Both have amazing selections. For my first wig experience I went with I cannot be happier with my decision. The style is indie waves in the lightest (platinum) blonde color. I got mine when it was on sale and it seemed like a steal. It’s synthetic but you can style it with hot tools on lower settings. I’ve worn it around my house and took some pictures in it and then decided to wear it to work as well. My coworkers of course knew that it wasn’t my hair, but my “guests” (that’s what we call our salon clients) thought I just colored my hair! Which isn’t uncommon. I am so happy I ordered mine. It really is fun and easy to change up my look. It’s lightweight and looks very natural. It might not be practical for everyday but to throw it on every once in a while is perfect. 

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