Glossy Eye Trend

I’m sure if you have a social media account, watch YouTube tutorials or follow fashion/beauty trends in general, you’ve seen the glossy eye trend. If not, here’s a good example.

It’s essentially like lip gloss but for your eyelids. As soon as I saw this, I was seriously hooked. I needed to know how it could be done. How would I achieve such bad-assery? How could I look as cool and relaxed as all the girls in all the instagram photos? (Spoiler alert: you technically can as long as you NEVER blink, take a picture IMMEDIATELY after applying, and remove ASAP. But more on that later)

Attempt #1

I set out to get my products. What to use?? There are so many beauty products in the world. The options are literally endless. So I thought, clearly the look is called “glossy” so maybe a beauty store, clear gloss will work. Something like this BOY was I wrong. It works for like 2.5 seconds. I applied it over a matte burgandy colored shadow for the maximum amount of rebel chic. Think a cooler Taylor Momsen… Cause what she’s missing is gloss over those sultry smoky eyes, duh. So I was feeling fly with my gorgeous eyes. I got to work (I’m a hairstylist) and started on my first guest. I could feel a tackiness on my eyes that was a bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Finish my first guest which was only about 30 minutes long and went to admire my handy work, a la, my sexier than Jenny Humphrey glossy eyes. Enter depression mode. Allllllll of my burgandy eyeshadow had settled not so dedicately into the crease of my eyes. Not to worry, I’ll just wipe away the excess and try a different approach.

Attempt #2

After more research I found a product by Milk Makeup called “Eye Vinyl”

 Which boasts “Get high-shine shadow for the ultimate runway look in one easy click pen. This high-tech gloss formula glides on with ease and is infused with natural oils for hydration, high shine, and a non-sticky feel. Designed for women on the go, it can carry you from day to night in an instant.” Click. Boom. Purchased. I knew this was the answer. It was gonna get shit done. After it arrived, I hastily unboxed and smeared it on my lids. It felt lightweight enough. It wasn’t heavy or sticky. I could handle this. But to be on the safe side (which clearly most bad asses always try to stay on) I wouldn’t pair this with a dark eye. I would go with a light, vanilla shadow. Feel the vibe. I was armed and ready. After applying my shadow, I clicked the Eye Vinyl pen and applied it to my lids. In true Killlerkween fashion, more is more, so I didn’t stop at a light coat. I slathered that shit on. Coat after coat. (Which is most likely where I went wrong)

How my awful glossy eyed day went

It started ok. Me boasting about how I found the answer to my problems. How I went wrong. Showing off my guts for taking on a cool, new trend. Everything seemed to be working out for me. I felt cute, and KNEW I looked cute. I was just waiting for everyone else to notice. I decided once more to admire the amazing job I did (yes, I can be equal parts THAT vain and somewhat self conscious) So I checked. The gloss seemed to collect in the same places that the other product had but this time it was not as bad mostly because the shadow was lighter and the product had stuck better to my lids. Ok, I can deal with this. Hours later I noticed my eyes were feeling kinda….. how do I put it…. goopy? Like a film had settled over them. Now, I live in the allergy capital of the country. Middle Tennessee is known for it’s allergy problems, so I wrote it off as nothing more than that. Another hour later and I was having to blink more intensely and heavily to see through the haze. I checked my eyes and the gloss had run down the sides of my eyes and down towards my cheeks. Not only that but clearly into my eyes causing the film as mentioned previously. I decided enough was enough. I love you glossy eye, but at what cost? The look of a rad, super cool glossy eye was not enough to make me take on the added “bonus” of looking like I was suffering from an eye infection. (Insert awkward winking at everyone in an attempt to clear my eyes) I wiped my eyes as best I could, (This is where working in a salon equipped with makeup products reeeeeeallllly comes in handy) tidied myself up and moved TF on. Let this be a lesson to you. I will gladly be your cautionary tale. Do not attempt unless for a few pics. And if you HAVE figured out how to make the glossy eye a wearable, everyday look, you go Glen Coco!!!! Also, help a sister out! Moral of the story, no matter how cute you think it is, test drive it at a short lived, small event. And if it impairs your vision, abort the mission! (That rhymed!!!)

xoxo Killlerkween